Essaim Bruyant is a poetic term; metaphorically refers to honeybees flying from one place to another, settling together, producing precious honey and making a joyful sound in the process !

In our case, it’s a group of highly talented individuals who share a common predominator : an imperative need to create unique objects of art usable and wearable everyday with a strong sense of identity and symbolism.

A Symphonic Harmony of Forms, defines all our collections: the creative interaction of all our designers create a playground of high aesthetics where dialogues take place and ideas give birth to outstanding objects which beautify our lives on a daily basis.

Starting from sculptural jewels and painterly scarves, our source of inspiration is to create wholistic environments of People who belong to the exclusive elite of art visionaries !

Konstantinos Manolakis
Creative Director

Calliope Chysa - Managing Director

Eleftheria Chisa - Sales Director